Walks on our doorstep…

Walks on our doorstep…

From Aish Cross we have some great countryside walks – here are just a few suggestions:-

A WALK TO THE MILL POND GABRIEL (35 minutes each way)

At the cross roads outside the house take the seldom used, Hoile Lane ( known to the locals as the Aish Bye Pass !) – passing the picturesque village cricket ground on the right hand side. On the way take a detour through Hoile’s Copse (so pretty in the Spring when it is carpeted with bluebells). The wood was donated to the village by a parishioner for the local community to enjoy. After 25 minutes you will reach the edge of Stoke Gabriel. A further 10 minutes walking through the village will bring you to Stoke Gabriel Creek on the River Dart and The Mill Pond where the River Shack offers excellent refreshments

A WALK WITH GREAT VIEWS OF THE RIVER DART (45 minutes there and back)

As with the walk above take Hoile Lane but at the cricket ground take the right fork. Follow the farm track for about a mile (it’s a a dead end) – but the views of the river on both sides of the lane are spectacular

A WALK INTO TOTNES (1 hour 15 minutes each way)

This is not an easy walk and it can be very muddy and has some long hills to climb. On leaving Aish Cross head up the hill and take the left fork onto Fleet Lane – follow the long descent down to Fleet Mill (you can take the lane on the right to make a loop back to Aish). From here you have a long, and rather rocky lane climb to the top of the hill over looking Totnes. Turn right onto the metalled road and then left and down the hill into Totnes. You will see lovely countryside en route but it is quite an arduous walk – so you might wish to take a taxi back to Aish !

A WALK UP OUR LANE ( circular 3/4 hour)

Turning right on leaving our orchard entrance (a dead end for traffic) leads you to a farm track which is a long but gentle incline which takes in some spectacular countryside views into the far distance. This could be a long walk leading you into some pretty overgrown pathways – so we recommend taking the right hand pathway which you will find half way up the hillside climb. This drops you down to Coombe House Lane where you take a right and then follow on up the hill and back into Aish.

A LONGER WALK UP OUR LANE (circular 1 and 1/2 hours)

When you drop down onto Coombe House Lane (see above) turn left, then immediately right (SP public footpath). This brings you out by the football pitch and onto the main Stoke Gabriel road – Take a right and walk for a short distance, then right again into Lembury road – its then straight on and back into Aish.