Games Room

Table Tennis, Snooker, Table Football and Darts!

Unleash your inner champion in our Orchard Garden Games Room!


Calling all game enthusiasts! Nestled amidst the charming Orchard Garden, discover a world of playful possibilities in our recently built Games Room. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a casual player, this dedicated space guarantees hours of friendly fun and laughter for all ages.


Step inside and get ready to:


  • Master your serves:  Challenge your friends and family to a thrilling table tennis match, perfecting your backhand and volleys in style.
  • Sink the perfect shot:  Show off your skills on our versatile pool/snooker table, aiming for that elusive black ball amidst cheers and friendly banter.
  • Defend your goal:  Put your teamwork and reflexes to the test in a lively table football showdown, strategizing your passes and celebrating every goal with gusto.
  • Hit the bullseye:  Hone your precision and aim in a classic game of darts, competing for bragging rights and maybe even a friendly wager. (Please note: darts are for adult guests only and the board is kept locked for child safety reasons – ask for the key at reception)
  • Enjoy outdoor boules:  In the delightful courtyard outside the Games Room, soak up the sunshine and fresh air while engaging in a timeless game of boules, mastering the art of tossing and strategizing your throws.


Beyond the excitement of traditional games, the Games Room offers a welcoming atmosphere for:


  • Relaxing evenings:
  • Rainy Days
  • Family bonding:


So, pack your competitive spirit and playful nature, because the Orchard Games Room awaits! Book your stay at our holiday cottage and get ready for an unforgettable holiday filled with games, giggles, and unforgettable moments.

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