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More drivers are going electric, but Devon needs more charging points!


The good news: More people are choosing electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids thanks to environmental concerns and rising fuel costs. The bad news: Devon doesn’t have enough charging points to keep up!


While places like Exeter are getting a boost with new chargers, finding one in Totnes and other parts of the South West can feel like searching for a unicorn. That’s why we at Aish Cross are happy to offer our own EV charging point, free to use for our guests!


Here’s why this matters:


Environment: EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions, helping us breathe cleaner air and combat climate change.


Savings: Ditching gas means lower fuel costs, especially with prices on the rise.


Convenience: No more hunting for gas stations. Charge up while you relax at Aish Cross.


So, if you’re considering an EV or already driving one, come stay with us and top up your battery – on us! Let’s work together to make Devon a more EV-friendly destination.


Rolec EV 32 Amp static post free to use by our guests.

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