Covid 19 – Precautionary Measures

Covid 19 – Precautionary measures we are taking to keep you as safe as possible


We take the wellbeing and safety of our guests and cleaning team extremely seriously, and in these unprecedented times we are for the foreseeable future putting in place the following procedures, which we hope will have a minimum impact on the enjoyment of your holiday, but will give you peace of mind and confidence that we are doing our utmost to ensure your well-being and safety.

Following a risk assessment, we are now implementing the following (this is subject to change): –



All cleaning staff will be provided with PPE in the form of aprons, gloves (and masks should they feel more comfortable wearing one).

The cleaning will be carried out in two stages upon the departure of previous guests.

The first stage will be our normal cleaning regime.

The second stage will involve the following: –

  • All touch points – e.g handles, keys, light switches, remote controls, washable surfaces will be cleaned/misted with a recommended viricidal disinfectant as recommend by the AA/Professional Association of Self Caterers/Visit England.
  • A cleaning checklist will be provided upon completion of each clean for each cottage.





There will be a few changes to the way in which we operate – again – we hope you understand the reasons behind these.

  • Check in is now after 4pm (to ensure we have ample time to carry out our two-stage cleaning programme.
  • Check our will now be before 9:15am again to give our cleaning team time.
  • A reduced number of books, games, and leaflets will be left in each cottage and these will be changed with a new selection every week.
  • The children’s toy chests will be removed from all cottages for the time being.
  • Under normal circumstances we ‘over fill’ our kitchens with crockery, cutlery, glassware and kitchen utensils. These, for the time being, will be ‘pared down’ –  but if you need additional items – just ask!
  • In place of our usual Tea, Coffee and Sugar canisters – we will be providing you with sachets. Salt and Pepper grinders and the selection of herbs jars will be changed each week.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, will be provided in each cottage.
  • The laundry room: – disinfectant wipes, cloths and hand sanitizer will be provided, and guests should wipe down all equipment before and after use. A laundry basket will be provided in each cottage.
  • Our large orchard garden is for the enjoyment of all our guests. We have clustered garden furniture in 3 areas to provide maximum privacy and distancing for each set of guests in our 3 cottages. A plentiful supply of disinfectant wipes, sanitizer, and plastic gloves will be kept in the Games Room.  To keep to an absolute minimum, the risk of infection – guests should wipe down all the surfaces and equipment before and after each use.
  • Games Room – only one cottage to use at a time – please wipe down all equipment, switches, handles and hard pool table surface before and after each use.
  • BBQ Lodge – This needs to be pre-booked using the chart kept in the Laundry room – all equipment must be thoroughly washed in hot soapy water after use and the hard surfaces, and light switches etc. in the BBQ Lodge to be wiped down before and after use.

Upon leaving we would also be grateful if you could assist by doing the following: –

  • Strip all beds and place duvet cover, fitted sheet, pillowcases, mattress protectors, pillow protectors and towels in the red laundry bags left  in the wardrobes of each bedroom. These bags should then be left outside the cottage upon departure (unless it is raining)
  • The fridge and freezer should be emptied.

All bins should be emptied upon departure and together with any empty bottles or jars – placed in the rubbish store.

Remember: Please ask at Reception if you need anything extra or have any issues upon which you are unsure – we are here to help and make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

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